It was an amazing experience filled with empathy. At least I felt it that way. The incredible support of the participants (over 80 friends and not only fans of the books) culminated in autograph session after the debate. The little presents, I had for the participants, were accepted with joy.

The warm words of support, handshakes, applause and other manifestations of sympathy are the reasons why I work for this great nation. You, my supporters, have given me power to fight again.

All the earnings from my books I dedicate to the Alena Vitásková Institute, which struggles for protection of human rights and freedoms.

I met my friends, classmates, neighbours, but also strangers. I was pleased to see Mr. Lumír from Hrabová or Soňa. I was contented when two older ladies told me: „You know, ordinary people are impeccable and they need you.“ The reception of the both Solar Barons books surprised me as well as the wish: „Please do not let the hero Kamila die.“

What else to say? Thanks to the management of the Dům knihy in Ostrava for this great debate and huge thanks to the moderator too. She was precisely prepared and with few quite initimite questions got me abashed. Thank you to the great audience and warm atmosphere you all created.

Yours faithfully,

Alena Vitásková